International Vision Quest

INTERNATIONAL RETREAT  in Czech Republic - traditional american native ritual

here in Europe  - CZECH REPUBLIC

led by two men - the American native and the European native

next date: 

sorry 2.6.-7.6.2024 is already full

 New date is 15.-20.9.2024


It is a retreat and meeting. It is a traditional American native  ritual - rite of passage. It is about  staying alone in nature for 3 days, just you and nature. It is about connection with your lifeforce, will, intention, your prayers. You can get in touch with yourself, your body and soul, your angels and demons. You will understand more your current state, your relations, issues, needs, life mission. The vision quest is something  about you, your contents. It is not about what  others want you to do. It is about what you must do, because you want it and you know that you don’t want to miss it. Searching for the Vision could be your unique way how to be more aware.

We want to invite you to be a questor – the one who is “seeking the vision”. 


• nice, deep preparation process at home

• meeting with a group of questors and helpers at the venue, community building, councils, individual preparation, touching four directions, work with your intentions, with body mind and creative mind

• sweatlodge building and two traditional indian sweatlodge ceremonies as a minimum

• retreat of you, being alone in  spots in  nature for 3 days and experience a quest of vision

• sharing experience with others and preparation to return home


Ceremony of the Vision Quest is prepared for anyone especially when:  

·       You want to deepen understanding of life reality. When you have qustions like: What's happened? Where to go? Why I have this kind of issues? How I can pass through something important in my life? I need a time for myself! I need to retreat! I want to gather my thoughts, ideas and see it much more clearer! 

·       You are looking for a vision - insight into what happened in mind, in body, in emotion and space around us. And when you want to know what to do with that.

·       You want to be in a silent and connected state of mind that subconscious can start takes care of you and show you things you’ve never expected and can uniquely lead you. 

·       You are standing in front of transition or in its middle and you want to attentively get through. 

·       When you feel that everything is stuck or cycling in a issue circle.

·       You want to do your changes. 

·       You want to feel your own mission, intention and inspiration for life. 

...and finally come if you feel it or if you feel that it is a good idea! 

Jorge Arenivar Redtailhawk is a recognized Ceremonial Leader:  He is also known as Redtailhawk, has taught Native American Indian consciousness and spirituality for over 30 years.  A native of Mexico, he is a Sun Dancer and Pipe Carrier in the Lakota tradition. Jorge's mission is based  on Mitakuye Oyasin, meaning harmony with all my relations. He work to realize his vision to bring light in this world, helping people in their inner work by lifting their consciousness and inner awareness, by encouraging the need to stay in the supported present, and by guiding them to be in right relationship with themselves and their community.  

He regularly visits and teaches Red Road in Europe - Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. 

His approach is open, clear and comprehensible. He shares knowledge of The American Indians non-pressurized way with a respect to the differences in the European context.

Štefan Schwarc is a pedagogue, trainer, mentor and psychotherapist. As a trainer he provides many international trainings focused on experiential learning and spiritualy oriented courses. He's working 20 years in that field.  He started his way with contact with amazing Edgar Ta (ayurveda and tantra) on his courses, than he led his own group in way of community building.  Then he studied theology. He was trained in two psychotherapy training  led by Jitka Vodnanska and Frantisek Matuska.  

He goes through five vision quests which was three or four days long. He usually provides around 40 trainings and two or three international trainings every year mostly under his NGO DO SVĚTA z.s. where he is a chairman. From year 2000 he was leading more then fourty sweatlodge ceremonies with group dynamic aspects with respect and connection to nature. His approach is more about self learning and self recognizing process, experiential learning and mentoring. 


Communication language: English , Czech (cz translation)


Czech Republic, Zelezny hamr, Hluboka 50 km from Pilsen (Plzeň) 

totally surrounded by nature, no civilization, minimum availability, sleeping bags,

healthy food (mainly vegetarian). 


1. step: Let us know that you plan it to go -write an email to Stefan 

2. step: fill in the application form here  :   !!!!!   !!!!!


COSTS and Method of payment:

You must choose if you go as a Questor or Helper experience than:

Price for Questors ....... 230€ + 2500 CZK

(price for helpers ........... 50€  + 2500 CZK, price for children 1000,-)

Accommodation and food is included in price.

Way of payment:

no Deposit payment, everything in cash at place. Pls prepare like that: what is in Euro pay in EUR and what is in Czech crone pay it in CZK.

Other expenses you have to manage:  just your travel costs and 

travel insurance and home prepared material for quest.


If you want to cancel your particapation just let us know and we will be sad little bit troubled but we'll survive :-).

Organizers and questions:

 Mgr. Stefan Schwarc 

+420 607 652 862

Skype: stefan.schwarc




Application form:


fb: @intervq

Videos in English

An invitation flyer - EN 

Invitation - EN subtittles

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